So I’ve spent two days working at MRC and it’s been very action packed. The first morning was spent learning the basics, as shown in the wonderful video footage. But we soon got to knocking down our genes and ‘working under the hood’ which was cool as it’s one of those things you always see the TV scientists doing.

But it wasn’t until this morning that we got to have a good look at our cells and see how they were doing. As Alex has previously said, we did have a slight problem with the concentrations resulting in a bit of overcrowding but it wasn’t too bad and this morning the cells were looking good.

The afternoon was spent helping Jenny with her Western Blot procedure; I actually got to make one of the sandwich things to transfer from the gel plate to the membrane. This was pretty cool and I expect to take full credit when Jenny finds something groundbreaking as a result of my genius ;-). Which as far as I could see went perfectly to plan. (see pictures)

I’m looking forward to tomorrow and using the ‘big boy’ microscope downstairs should be really cool. But most of all I cant wait till Friday when we get to see how the gene knockdowns have affected our batches of cells – the moment of truth.