I am a student currently studying for my a-levels, I have been given a wonderful opportunity to work with Dr. Jennifer Rohn at UCL. I will be assisting her work on cell shape and movement. Iā€™m interested in cancer research and gene therapy and I am writing a related project, it will be great to see some of the research science looking at the fundamentals of biology first hand.

Over the next week I hope to gain knowledge in the practical workings of a lab. I expect there to be busy moments where everything has to be done as quickly as possible, also quieter times where patience is required. I look forward to meeting the scientists who I imagine being like Dumbledore; wise, omniscient and noble. The lab itself will be extremely clean with big white surfaces and whirring machines.

I chose to work in a lab to gain some understanding of scientific research. I plan to study medicine at university and I am interested in what the research side of medical science is like.

I look forward to starting work and hope that I will be able to contribute in some small way to the project.