Earlier today I hugged Eva goodbye and she set off for London Bridge, thence Gatwick and eventually, one hopes, Tronno. She was in London for many reasons, not just to see me and exchange Tweets while seated in my kitchen, about 12 feet away from where I am now.

I’m staying with Richard , and am currently watching him edit a video of interviews he did on Friday night

Unless you’ve been on holiday/living under a rock you’ll probably have heard of the conference with no name: Science Online London (see last year’s account and debrief). This event, which seems to be irrevocably associated in people’s mind with the Borg another ‘Science Online’ conference in the US, took place last Saturday. And you can read all about that in various places, to which I’m not going to link because I can’t be arsed. Well, you could check out the twitter hashtag or Friendfeed (sorry, Eva) room, I guess. Actually, Brian Kelly has an interesting take on preserving all the backchat from the conference and Dave ‘Passport, what passport?’ Munger talks about Second Life.

Where was I? Oh yes.

But the major reason for Eva flying to London was, I like to think, for something that was numerically smaller far more significant in terms of impact, fun, catering, sociability, alcohol consumed and general all-round awesomeness than the official event.

I refer of course to the Fringe Frivolous Unconference, an event so wild, anarchic and hard-hitting that we haven’t been able to standardize the punctuation of the title (which is one reason why Matt’s anagram, ‘Live Roof Surfing’, was so eagerly adopted. By me at least).

Fringe-Frivolous was Jenny‘s brainchild and she was ably assisted by Matt. Food and copious amounts of alcohol (and indeed, the entire venue) were provided by Mendeley—a big shout out to Victor and Cindy for sorting it all.

Jenny has summarized the evening; and Steffi and Eva have also stuck their collective oars in.

However, I’m not going to blog about it. Instead, you may remember me stalking the rooftops with a Flip camera (kindly loaned by Alom Shaha). I’ve edited the clips into a short film that I think captures the essence of the evening perfectly.