Docx (right) ponders a tough question by Fiction Lab regular Richard Marshall

The LabLiterati had a wonderful time this past Monday when author Edward Docx (no relation to the file extension) was our special guest at the Royal Institution’s Fiction Lab. His novel, The Devil’s Garden, is a smart and literary lab lit thriller featuring a group of scientists studying ants in the Amazon who get caught in a deadly conflict among the military, the oil companies, the indigenous tribes and the cocaine producers. Highly recommended.

Ed was a lovely and engaging guest who was interested in our feedback and kept the conversation moving with lively descriptions about his own times in the Amazon and the inspirations for the story. He rather charmingly brought along two copies of his latest novel Let Go My Hand to give away to the people he sensed were “the least enthusiastic” about The Devil’s Garden. He even joined us down the pub afterwards and bought us two rounds of bar snacks – what better way to endear himself?