I’m going to start this blog in somewhat contrary fashion. Yesterday I was reading my weekend guardian, and came upon a piece by Shazia Mirza. At the end she wrote “I can’t understand people who write a blog of their everyday life… I really don’t care. Bring back the diary, where people kept their thoughts to themselves.” And the thing is, I agree.

So why am I sat with my laptop on a late Sunday morning writing my first blog entry? Well, it is in large part down to Lablit, the editor of which, Jenny Rohn, has been on at me to blog for literally years. The conversations go something like this.

Jenny: but why don’t you write a blog?

Bill: because I can’t understand why anyone would give a toss about what I have to say.

Jenny: that’s not true. You’re passionate about science, society and culture and you’re as opinionated as anyone I know*, and you like ranting and writing about it. Even if it is only to get things off your chest, it would be good for your blood pressure.

Bill: Yes but there are a million blogs out there nobody pays attention to. It would be like pissing into Niagara.

Jenny: Agreed, but by refusing to engage you make sure that nobody pays attention to you. Have the courage to have a go. You’re not scared are you?

Bill: look do you want another drink? the bar’s closing

Jenny: Don’t change the subject. What’s the worst that could happen?

Well. We are about to find out.

I was going to write something long and involved about lies, politics, the NHS and healthcare reform. But I have to go to the park and play football. Yesterday I watched my team, Arsenal, prove that reports of its demise were much exaggerated as they tonked Everton 1-6. I will remember that success as I fail to bring a single ball under control this afternoon.

*I may be wrong, but I suspect this means I am really quite opinionated.