I’m a fairly slim person, but to stay that way I have to exercise regularly and refrain from eating too many unhealthy snacks.

Recently, though, I’ve accidentally discovered a new trick: if I book the confocal microscope from 12 til 2 PM, lunch somehow doesn’t happen. I’m not hungry enough to eat before noon, but by 2 the canteen is closed and foraging for food starts to fall below the threshold of my average activation energy barrier. Before I know it, it’s time to go home and, as I make my way (rather light-headedly) to the Tube, the idea of dinner has never sounded so good.

Today my plan was thrown a bit of a curve as, after my microscope session, the weekly lab meeting was enhanced by several boxes of sweets that someone had brought in from their long weekend in Brussels.

They had to scrape me off the lab ceiling.