Today I got the results of an experiment I really wish I hadn’t done. Before today, the theory all made sense. Today, this new information has muddied the waters.

Of course I won’t pretend it never happened, sweep it under the carpet, go on as if nothing had changed. Even though it’s a rather minor point to the story, I will still have to regroup a little bit.

Makes you wonder, sometimes, about all the published scientific papers out there. How many of these might be cast into doubt by the next experiment, had it only been performed? When we draw a line under a story and pronounce it “finished”, can we sometimes be cutting off an eventual truth? Yet if we never stopped, how could we ever publish anything? How could we spin our narrative, focus our questions, find our answers?

The more years I am in research, the more provisional it all seems. If I go on like this, will I end up believing in nothing?