You may have noticed that LabLit had been on hiatus over the last fortnight – this was due to its main staff being on a well-deserved holiday. But we’ve now returned, fresh and ready to grapple with all things labliteral!

I did a bit of reading on the beach, some of it unabashedly non-science in nature (including the excellent Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn). As a result, I will probably move one recent LabLit List addition, In His Genes by Robin Stratton, out of the main area and into the crossover section, for containing a component that in my opinion makes it science fiction. I’m also still battling through another recent reader nomination, Roger’s Version by John Updike, to see whether it makes the cut. The verdict so far? Possibly.

As always, if any of you has nominations for the List, or contributions for the main site, please do get in touch on editorial[at] We’d love to hear from you!