We’re between upgrades to the LabLit List, but a steady stream of nominations keeps flowing into the editorial inbox. Thanks as always to the readers who’ve made suggestions – we are working through these and should have anything appropriate added in due course.

I’ve just finished one of these, Decoded by Mai Jia (translated from the Chinese by Olivia Milburn). It’s an interesting, enjoyable and strange tale, a rather metaphysical account of a codebreaker in post-World War II. More than any other book I’ve read, fiction or non-, it’s put me squarely into the heart and soul of a mathematician’s outlook. No mean feat for a topic that I struggle with and don’t much care for in the real world. It has a odd narrative structure, but is beautifully written with an undercurrent of humor. It is also the first Chinese addition to the LabLit List – hopefully the first of many!