The twinkling lights of LabLit

I’m pleased to report that here in the LabLit nerve center, we are officially off for the Christmas holidays. This means family time, down time, not-thinking-quite-so-much-about-science time. And of course, reading time, at long last.

There are quite a few books on my pile. But at the moment I am devoting all of my spare time to the pre-publication flurry surrounding my own upcoming lab lit novel, Cat Zero. There are galleys to proof, dedications and acknowledgments to write, puffs to solicit, advance review copies to be optimistically posted to various outlets. The big day is 1 February 2018, but the novel can be pre-ordered on Amazons near and far already (UK and USA).

We are delighted today to publish two new pieces on the site. First we have “Geeks at play“, a brief review by our chief lab lit sniffer, Dom Stiles, of some of the main science-y board games. So if you’re strapped for a last-minute Christmas gift for that scientifically-minded loved one, do check it out. And second, we’ve published “Along the edge“, a fantastic flash fiction from Maura Yzmore (the pen name of a professor in the physical sciences at a large university in the US). Her day job, according to her bio, involves “quantum mechanics, dry-erase markers, geeky puns, and lots of technical writing.”

How can you possibly resist? Get in.

From all of us at, have a wonderful and restful holiday season!