Well, that was quick: and another year has gone by. Here at LabLit.com, we’re approaching our 13th year of existence, and our 1000th article. It’s hard for me to believe that we’re still going strong, and that interest in the project remains high.

To wit, over Christmas I was interviewed on NPR about a few recently published lab lit books. Most aren’t on the List yet, because we’re still in the process of preparing our Spring upgrade. So consider this broadcast a sneak preview!

In other news, we’ve just published another fine, one-word-titled short story from our fabulous repeat offender João Ramalho-Santos: Statistics. João’s stories always have an autobiographical feel and tend to be steeped in melancholy, but with a humorous edge. Do check it out – and take a look at his back catalogue when you’re finished.

From all of us here at LabLit.com, we hope the new year brings you everything you need and want!